Tel Aviv, A City that Rivals Any Nightlife In The World

The Slumber-less Tel Aviv of Israel

From the very crib of the son of God to one of the best technological free market economy in the world, Israel has stood the test of time carrying it’s rich heritage along with it. What people don’t know is that apart from its ancient history, it is one of the fastest growing technology hubs and has one of the best urban life styles in the world with places like Tel Aviv and Silicon Wadi.

The eastern coastal Mediterranean side of Israel is Tel Aviv. People from around the world come to Tel Aviv, bringing along their culture and tradition to make the place truly an international destination to enjoy, do business and to explore. This savvy urban cultural amalgamation rivals any urban life style in the world. When the sun goes down, the city and the sandy beach strips wake up to a never ending nightlife.

The City that Never Sleeps

An outlying district in the ancient city of Jaffa witnessed an exponential growth. This gradually overtook Jaffa in size and became one as a city after the independence of Israel. It later came to be known as Tel Aviv. The city is the commercial and cultural capital of Israel.

The slumber-less city welcomes people from different walks of life. No matter who you are, there are things for you where you can stick your nose in. Tel Aviv is perfect for party animals. The nightlife scene is world renowned, perhaps the best in Europe. To keep the party going, the city offers numerous bars and party venues. A good deal of pubs and restaurants starts opening for service around midnight and opens up until dawn or even late.

tel aviv nightlife

Image by Iulian Ursache from Pixabay

Since the city’s topography is small, you can actually hop to different venues and parties easily without traveling much distances. The geographical placement of Tel Aviv is spot on, the city shares it’s one side with beaches. Its coordinates will point you straight towards fun. People come to enjoy the laid back lifestyle in the beaches. Frishman beach, Banana beach and Gordon beach is popular among the tourists.

The image shows restaurants

Image by Orna Wachman from Pixabay

The boardwalks stretching from the central Tel Aviv to Jaffa is the right place for one to take strolls during any time of the day. The pavement is bordered with a lot of restaurants and cafes which gives you one more reason to spend time at the beach. The beaches also play host to organised night parties, events and live music. There are always hotspots for nightlife in the city.

Around one and a half miles from south of Tel Aviv is the old port town of Jaffa. The archaic architectures and the stone buildings will make you seem as if the time itself has frozen in history of the area. Free from the bustle of the city, Jaffa is a perfect place to stroll through the port and streets to have a calm time of your own.

Bauhaus buildings of the White City

Imagine stepping into a white minimalistic Avant-Garde modern piece of art because that’s exactly how you feel when you take a walk around the White City of Tel Aviv.

In 2003, UNESCO declared the White City in Tel Aviv as a World Cultural Heritage site. Because they found the city’s architecture impeccable. According to them the city is “An outstanding example of new town planning and architecture in the early 20th century”.

A Bauhaus building in the White City

The white city of Tel Aviv is a collection of 4000 Bauhaus-style buildings from 1930s by Jewish architects from Germany and other European countries who came to Israel during the rising power of Nazi in Germany. It is situated at the heart of Tel Aviv. The buildings in the White City are well, white. The minimalistic approach in design is a clean, simple yet composite in nature.

They have rounded balconies, tall ceilings and makes good use of natural light. The buildings in White City functions in all purpose like residence, restaurants, cinema, hotels, shops etc. Tourists often stay in the White City. The city is still an inspiration for many architects and designers.

The Mediterranean Delicacies

Nevertheless, you can experience Tel Aviv through your taste buds as well. Rent a bike and ride along the boulevards of the city to find restaurants on both sides. You can find exotic cuisines from around the world. Though Tel Aviv is known for its Middle Eastern dishes, there are huge number of international influence that helped to shape into what is today.

Apart from that, ride around the bustling alleys of the city to find Israeli street foods. It’s the perfect description of Israeli culture. You can see vendors calling out customers and queues forming, like ants when they spot something delicious.

Dishes like Sfenj (a counter to the American doughnuts), Burika, Shawarma and ful are certainly the ones you can look out for but there are some other ones which are a ‘never miss’. The king of fritters, Falafel, in Israel is stuffed into pita bread and served with a lot of hummus, pickles and salad. The perfectly balanced flavours will make you crave for more. It is a daily staple in parts of Israel.

toshow reader Falafel

Falafel with Hummus, Image by Jeff Velis from Pixabay

Hummus is another specialty in the region. It is common to think hummus as a dip but it can play different roles in your table. Even as the main meal itself. The streets of Tel Aviv plays wonders with hummus. Basically, hummus made with Tahini, chick peas and garlic but it’s more than that in the hands of the street chefs of Tel Aviv.

picture of Hummus

Traditional Hummus Image by Ajale from Pixabay

The Middle East is known to warp anything under their pita bread. Tahini sauce, fried aubergine, sometimes egg and Israeli salad is stuffed into the pita to make Sabich. Although this resembles a sandwich, it’s not the same. Sabich is a very popular dish in Israel and it is as talked-about as anything in Tel Aviv.

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