What is Virtual tourism? Virtual Tours, an alternative in Pandemic?

Is the Pandemic plunging your inner tourist down? Well, Virtual tourism is one of the game changing travel alternatives that has come out of post covid19 outbreak. It is the safest way to get around the corners of the world right now from the comfort of your home.

What is Virtual tourism?

Virtual tourism can be defined as a virtual re-creation of a travel experience composed of interactive audio and visual contents. The multimedia components in the virtual tour helps the viewers stimulate their experience of the journey through their personal computers, VR devices or mobile phones.

Reaching out to someone over a phone on the other side of the world was close to a fairy tale several decades ago. Now, technology has closed the geographical distances to bring you the world to the very palm of your hand.

One can virtually walk through the Niagara falls, take a deep 360 virtual dive in the Mariana trench from your favorite sofa or take virtual tours of museums around the world. There is a rise in demand for virtual tours over the past several months since the corona virus outbreak.

Moreover, it has been almost a year since we are all containing ourselves by spending our time inside four walls or a couch, so to speak. Are you one of those adventure seekers who is trying to re-ignite that traveler spark you lost in the light of recent events? Is the outbreak keeping you from going out to seek the wondrous mysteries of nature? What if I told you virtual tour is a way you can turn this around. Get ready to experience a tour around the world from the very own couch that you are forced to be in. Let’s dive into a detailed analysis on its benefits and why is it relevant at this hour.


Why should you choose Virtual tourism?

Virtual tourism gives you clear options to choose the right destination without having to spend a huge amount of money unlike its real counterpart. You can avoid the unintended detours that happens often during a traditional traveling, hence you save money and time.

However, Corona virus caught us all off-guard and has put the tourism industry around the globe to a screeching halt. On a news article released by the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres emphasizes on UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) data to measure the fatal impact that the corona virus pandemic has had on global tourism. It states that the economic damage exceeds almost $1 trillion in 2020 and up to 120 million tourism jobs are at risk.

International tourism is highly unlikely to get back on its feet anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean people cannot enjoy international tourist sites. With the help of modern technologies like virtual reality, 360 videos, real-time online live tours with tour guides, one can actually experience simulations of existing locations.

Benefits of Virtual Tourism

  • A safer alternative

Currently we live in a society where stepping outside your house is considered risky. People are prone to get infected. In a situation like this, virtual tours are much safer and reliable. Grab a hold of your VR device, mobile phone or personal computer with internet connectivity and you’re all set to go.

  • Cost Efficient

Perhaps the most salient feature of a virtual tour is that you don’t have to spend a king’s ransom on a trip. On a conventional trip, a traveller is bound to spend a tidy amount on flight tickets, tour site tickets, booking hotels and other transportations. A virtual tour can cut the cost more than half of what you spend on a traditional trip.

  • Relevancy

With many industry stakeholders investing on virtual tourism and virtual reality tours, it puts virtual tourism on top of the game as of now. People do not want to take the risk of traveling around the world at a time like this. The relevancy and demand of virtual tours are skyrocketing.

  • Time saving

Book your trip and reach your destination virtually in an instant. Opting virtual tours will have you not worry about standing in lines, you don’t have to wander around trying to find you destination. It is only a matter of a click. You can save your time and energy.

World V Tours, a promising virtual tour website.

Are you looking for the perfect Virtual tour experience? Look no more, World V Tours www.worldvtours.com is a website where anyone can register to experience virtual tours. The initiative is to bring the world to your home using technology improvements in ‘On-demand-Video and Live streaming’. Michael Skir is your tour guide. With 12 years of experience in the field of  tourism, history and archaeology, he takes participants back in time to show the stories etched in the very rocks and walls of Israel the Holy Land


You must be thinking, “Is it actually worth it?”. Yes, absolutely! A major percentage of stakeholders in tourism are shifting gears towards virtual tours. So, it is definitely something that we can call a ‘trend’ in the business of tourism. If you are still reminiscing the good old days of traveling, going out, letting your inner instincts wander around, then a virtual tour can definitely comfort your impulse.

Sai Anand, Writer & Travel Enthusiast

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